Montpelier Farms Family Farm Park
Corn Maze

 Corn Maze Theme for 2017:


 Our Corn Maze is great for families, scouts, youth groups, corporate events, birthday parties, and anyone who is ready for a challenge. Largest Corn Maze around! Try one of our flashlight nights!

GET LOST with our 7 acres of corn maze craze…or enjoy our smaller "Three Silly Goats and Their Stuff" corn maze for the little ones!


Our amazingly large 7 acre corn field is an adventure in itself!  Be prepared to GET LOST as you venture your way through the corn maze field.  Before you enter the maze, you will first enter the Video Room where your group will receive a game sheet, a pencil and crayon, and 3D glasses if you prefer (3D glasses are an additional charge of $1).  The 5 minute video will explain how to play several games in the maze, how to navigate your way through the maze, and most importantly, the rules of the maze.  After completion of the video, you will receive a flag for your group, just in case you GET LOST!  There are several “Corn Cops” inside the maze at all times.  Whether you need help finding a clue to find your next station, or you are just plain LOST, our Corn Cops are there to help!  

While in the maze, you will complete the questions and answers, find the picture rubbings, and decode the secret word!  A trip to Montpelier Farms is more than just a 'walk in the stalks'. There so much to do, you may forget you're LOST!  Our corn maze features a new theme every year.  So if you’ve mastered the maze one year, come back the next for an all new maze design!

What are the 3D glasses for?  On the back of your game sheet there is an actual map of the maze, but you can’t see it!  You must have the 3D glasses to view the map.  There are several hidden decoders in the maze, but you would have to find them!  The 3D glasses can help you navigate around the maze or can simply be used if you need a clue.

Flashlight Nights!  Our maze has no lights, that’s right, no lights!  For a totally different maze experience, visit us at night on Fridays (October Only) and Saturdays (All Season), but be sure to bring your flashlight, or they can be purchased in our Farm Market!

How long does the maze take to complete?  Good question!  Well, it depends on how determined you are to complete all the questions and answers and rubbing stations, to decode the secret word.  The average of completion is approximately 2 hours.  If you are going into the maze to see if you can find your way out, it could take anywhere from 20 minutes to next week!  This is why we have our very helpful Maze Masters standing by to guide you through if need be.

Is our Maze Haunted?  No, our maze is not haunted.  Many families with little ones come out to enjoy a nice fall day or evening at our farm park, so no scary stuff here!

*Last ticket sold one hour before the close of business. 

1720 Crain Highway North, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, 20774
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